We were completely overwhelmed by how many of you came out for our last 2 shows. We've been trying to think of something to say and the best we can come up with is Thank You! It's been nine great years with a lot of ups and downs and you've been with us every step of the way. We would be remiss if we didn't mention some of the great musicians who have been part of Krush in the past. Of course, the late great Bob Toner (guitar,vocals, keyboards and the heart and soul of the band), and also the late Terry Curran (guitar), James B Wasielewski HC (drums) and Jim Fitzgerald (drums). They're all an important part of Krush history. We also want to recognize some fantastic musicians who have filled in with us over the years. Thanks to Paul Sarno (vocals), John Kerr (drums), Gene Dinan (bass), Brian Kelley (drums) Greg Settino (drums). We also want to thank John Donovan and Courtney O'Keefe for all the great photos and videos. We are going to keep this page active, so please stay tuned. You never know....there may be a reunion tour in our future! Happy Holidays everybody.